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Beloit Historical Society – Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and interpretation of Beloit’s rich history
The vision of the Beloit Historical Society is to make history a focal point of community pride and to serve as a constant reminder to the community of its great and diverse heritage.

Visit Beloit – Visit Beloit is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they have created a “To Do” list to be completed in 2017. The plans were unveiled during “Rally Day,” Visit Beloit’s kick-off to National Travel & Tourism week. Check back often to see photos and updates as activities are completed.

Fairbanks-Morse – Fairbanks Morse and Company was an American manufacturing company in the late 19th and early 20th century. Originally a weighing scale manufacturer, it later diversified into pumps, engines, windmills, coffee grinders, farm tractors, feed mills, locomotives and industrial supplies until it was merged in 1958. It used the trade name Fairbanks-Morse.

History of the Korn Kurl – During the 1930s, the Flakall Company that produced corn-based feed for livestock sought a way to produce feed that did not contain sharp hulls and grain dust and eventually produced a machine that broke the grain into small pieces by flaking it.

More History of the Korn Kurl – The invention of the cheese curl was quite serendipitous. During the 1930s, the Flakall Company that produced corn-based feed for livestock sought a way to…

Eclipse Windmill History – The Eclipse windmill was invented by Rev. Leonard Hemenway WHEELER in
1867 (Patent No. 68,674, September 10, 1867). He manufactured the windmills in Beloit under the firm name of L. H. WHEELER & Son and died in 1872. On May 13, 1873, S. T. MERRILL and C. B. SOLOMON bought the patent rights from Rev. WHEELER and his son and formed the Eclipse Wind Mill Co.

A.P. Warner – Mr. Warner was the first individual American to buy an airplane, one of the first ten Americans to fly an airplane anywhere and the first person to fly an airplane in Wisconsin.

Hanchett Bartlett Homestead Documentary – tomedwardsvideo.com presents “The Hanchett Bartlett Homestead – A Monument To Two Pioneer Families.” The Hanchett Bartlett Homestead is located at 2149 St. Lawrence Ave in Beloit, Wisconsin. The home was constructed with limestone by James Hanchett around the year 1854 and still stands today in pristine fashion.